About us

About us

NURN brand is created by Jo Jurga, Martyna Ochojska and Rafał Sadowski. Two designers and entrepreneur with years of experience in the funeral industry. All three of us are perfectionists, lovers of good design and conscious lifestyle. There are no impossible things for us, so we are happy to make bold visions and go out of the box of pre-imposed schemes. We adhere to the principle that less means more, looking for the beauty in the simplicity and supporting local crafts. It is important for us not only the goal itself, but also the way that leads to it, so we carefully select subcontractors, materials and processing methods. A ention to detail, the need for the continuous improvement and the ability to listen to the needs and expectations of our customers are the qualities that define who we are and who we work for. Our goal is to make our caskets in the best possible way responding to the characters of the memory they hold.

Awards and publications

2016 | PL Warszawa pasażu sztuki Art Walk wystawa Man/Body/Proces
2015 | PL Warszawa Coming Out najlepsze dyplomy ASP
2015 | PL Warszawa WAWA Design Festiwal | wystawa Projekt Warszawiak

2016 | PL Warszawa Instytut Wzornictwa Przemysłowego | konkurs Young Polish Designer | finalistka
2016 | PL Warszawa konkurs Innovation AD | srebrna nagroda w kategorii produkt 2015
2015 | PL Bielsko Biała konkurs ARTING wyróżnienie Fundacji Ludzie-Innowacje-Design
2015 | PL ŁÓDŹ DESIGN FESTIWAL konkurs Make me! | finalista

2016 | Idea Book OMEGA nr. 2/2016
2016 | Projekt Prawda, Mariusz Szczygieł wyd. Dowody na istnienie str. 234
2015 | Magazyn Brand nr. 36/2015
2015 | Gazeta Wyborcza DUŻY FORMAT 19 listopad
2015 | ULICA EKOLOGICZNA 18 listopad 2015
2015 | entertheroom.pl 1 listopad 2015 | Magazyn DESIGN ALIVE 1 listopad
2015 | F5 14 października
2015 | Magazyn Zwierciadło nr.09/15

2016 | Radio Kampus 25 luty
2015 | Radio Dla Ciebie 23 listopad
2015 | technoplayer 19 listopad

2015 | PL Warszawa Fair Design | wykład Pochówek nomadyczny

2016 | Dlaczego NURN? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dmakSYVq00U
2015 | IDEA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BGlgkY_5i4U

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