About Nurn

NURN specialises in the design and manufacture of premium urns. All our products are manufactured locally with the help of experienced craftsmen. Our priority is to seek new materials and alternative solutions. NURN urns are characterised by an original, unique design, elaborated in the smallest detail.

Origin of the name

In the old slavic culture they believed that the NYJA\/NIJA\/NYA was a goddess of the underground world, the patroness of reincarnation, who promising revival again. The deity name is probably derived from the verb, nyti meaning disappearance and dying. Hence the land of the dead was called Nawia, and Nawki were the souls of those who were pasted away. From the words, NYJA, NAWIA and NAWKI the “N” le er was taken combining it with the abbreviated word “URN” thanks to obtain the noun “NURN”.

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