KAMI are biodegradable urns with a new kind of burial ceremony at the sea and in the ground, it is the closeness of nature enclosed in paper form inspired by Zen culture.

The idea

The Project responds to the growing need for burial not related to any existing funeral ceremony but in accordance with Polish law. More and more people lead a nomadic lifestyle without a achment to the place and to the earth, so thus the traditional forms of farewell have become archaic. The Project also raises the problem of ecology, without contributing to the further exploitation of existing necropolis, it also allows for proper burial as part of the funeral allowance. The brand new technology and material were developed for the purpose of the project. The production process is simple and environmentally friendly, allows to cooperation with local craftsmen or socially excluded people. The project itself involves the utmost respect for human ashes, as well as relate to local traditions and beliefs, without prejudice to the existing ethics and social norms.


NURN is a completely biodegradable casket and burial at sea ceremony. For the purpose of the project there was developed special Nurn plastic mass, which does not burden the ecosystem of the
sea and allows to create biomorphic forms of shape. For the manufacture of urns is used the cellulose ballot box based on the co on rack, wooden latches and cardboard hoops stabilising. Cylindrical shape is reminiscent of the ballot boxes of shells, seeds, shroud and womb, because in the primeval beliefs was considered that death is the beginning of a new life. The urn is kneaded by hand so there is a possibility of individualisation.

The material from which it is made (a derivative of paper) can be stained a different colour using natural dyes (yellow – turmeric, red – hibiscus, blue – lavender, green – green tea). The regular sale urns are available in white and black. The urn has a capacity up to 5 litres ashes. Dimensions: width 35 cm, length 45 cm, height 25 cm. It is larger than the standard urns available on the market, because it must have the displacement with a maximum filling, stay on the sea surface for about 15 minutes.

Urns occur in three sizes:

Kami 1.1 Capacity 5 l, dimensions 48x36x24 cm

Kami 1.2 Capacity 4.2 l, dimensions 36x38x20 cm

Kami 1.3 Capacity 3.2 l, dimensions 42x28x18 cm

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