The object that accompanies the people after the death of their loved ones, regardless of religion or culture, is a candle (fire / flame). It allows to commemorate the memory of the deceased, but also unites people around. It was precisely in this intention to create candlestick Lit. The name is derived from the Latin abbreviation lux in tenebris (light in the dark). Its shape and the way it connects relate to the relationships that occur in the family. Its elements are different, as well as the size of the candles which can be used, but it forms the whole, adapting to the number of people si ing at the table and the degree of their intimacy. Although the elements are connected together, not all are related. Separate modules allow you to use them individually and thus manifest your individual needs or emotions. The candle fire acts calmingly, creating a space for meditation / contemplation, so that we can realize our position. The timeless brass used for the candlestick production allowed for a significant weight of the candlestick, which gave it both physical and emotional value. It obliges the user to give him / her considerable a ention during both use and care.

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