These are a classic ceramic urns sealed by cork cover, it’s simplicity and functionality in the purest release.

The idea

Ceramic objects accompany man since the dawn of the history, as pitchers, plates, ornaments. Ceramics is one of the oldest applied arts practiced till today in mostly unchanged form. Mika urns are dedicated to the Polish artists from the ceramic industry, such as the Wałbrzych and Ćmielów factory; is a tribute to Polish Decorative Art of the 50s and 60s. Mika urns shows a simple form finished in natural cork. Mika is a pleasure for the eye, very decent and heartwarming.


Mika’s urns are made from earthenware, glazed into three specially created colours for us. Urns are closed with a natural ecological cork lid coming from the Mediterranean basin.

Urns occur in two sizes:

Sylva 1.1 Capacity 4.8 l, dimensions 30×25 cm / shiny glaze

Sylva 1.2 Capacity 4.8 l, dimensions 20×28 cm ** / mae glaze

** urn fits under German inputs

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