These urns are made of concrete topped by a metal lid, it’s clean minimalism and maximum elegance.

The idea

The form of the urn refers to the brutalist, architectural style formed in the late 40s of the twentieth century, which gave the concrete a whole new meaning, elevating it to the architectural pedestal. Brutalist name derives from the French word „brut”, meaning „raw”, and used earlier by Le Corbusier as a term for the materials. Thos means concrete in Hindi language, and it is a monumental product for lovers of original solutions. It’s a big assumption merged into a small object that both the proportions and quality materials is the finished product.


Urns are made of concrete stained in two colours: classic light grey and refined anthracite. Concrete has preserved its natural porous structure to compensate for the smoothness of the metal bonnet. Buckles are available in copper, brass and steel.

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